Gear Cutting & Slotting

Novacro has consistently shown a desire and ability set itself apart from your typical machine shop by adding different manufacturing techniques which go beyond standard machining. Coupled with our attention to our customer’s needs has lead us to incorporate in-house gear-cutting and large scale slotting capabilities.

Our gear-cutters are capable of cutting internal or external spur gears on parts up to 1.2 metres (approx. 4 feet) in diameter. Our large scale broaching machine is capable of cutting slots up to 100 mm (approx. 4 inches) wide, and 1.2 metres (approx. 4 feet) deep. The inclusion of gear-cutting and slotting machines to our standard machining operations, enables us to provide parts in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible!

Gear Cutting & Slotting Service

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  • 2 Gear Shaping Machines with up to 1250 mm (approx. 50") diameter swing, 150 mm (approx. 6") high stroke, and 550 mm (approx. 22") high clearance
  • 2 Gear Hobbing Machines with up to 800 mm (approx. 32") diameter swing, 380 mm (approx. 15") high stroke and no height restrictions
  • Slotting Using Large Scale Broaching Machine with up to 1400 mm (approx. 55") work diameter and 1200 mm (approx. 47") stroke
  • High-speed Slotting Using Vertical Milling Machine with up to 1800 mm (approx. 72" work diameter and 500 mm (approx. 20") stroke