Our Services

Novacro Machining Industries Inc. is continually adding new equipment and manufacturing capabilities to our machine shop, in order to satisfy the growing variation and complexity of our customer's parts. We understand that many manufacturer's these days expect more than standard machining from a machine shop, which is why we're proud to offer services such as gear-cutting, keyway slotting and welding in house. Having full control over these services ensures our customers are getting parts of the highest quality, at competitive prices.

Machining Services

Machine Shop

Our largest CNC lathe can turn up to 5.5 metres (approx. 18 feet) and our largest horizontal boring mill travels up to 6 metres in length (approx. 20 feet). Our machine shop contains over 40 machining centres in total!

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Fabrication Sub-Assembly Services

Fabrication & Sub-Assembly

Our ability to fabricate and assemble complex components is supported by our experienced personnel with technical expertise in areas such as welding, induction heating, and forming.

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Inspection Services

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Dimensional Inspection

We have a variety of certified inspection devices including two Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) capable of measuring parts up to a tolerance of +/- 5 microns (.0002”) over a 3 metre x 3 metre x 6 metre (approx. 10 x 10 x 20 feet) range.

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Gear Cutting Slotting Services

Gear-Cutting & Slotting

Our machine shop includes 2 hobbing and 2 shaping gear-cutters capable of cutting gears up to 800 mm high (approx. 31 inches) and 2 keyway slotters capable of cutting up to 1200 mm high (approx. 47").

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Value Added Services

Value Added

Located in the major industrial centre of Hamilton, ON, Novacro has formed strong relationships with local vendors to provide extended services often required by our customers such as heat treating, surface coating and non-destructive testing.

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